Technique: pencil on paper

About Saddiq Khidhir

‘I started to draw our story and what I saw during the genocide, to remember that time and to send a massage to future generations and to the world in order to get help! Because we need help to live in safety and all we want is Peace. When I draw something, especially about the story of the Yazidis, I feel I am reliving those moments! It’s like a horrible movie – I feel the pain of children and I hear children crying and people screaming for help! With a little bit of hope remaining. Because there is always some hope left, after I finish a drawing it feels like there is hope for me and that we will be able to live in peace” says Saddiq. 

Now 23 years old, he is a Yazidi genocide survivor living in Bersive camp, Dohuk, Iraq. He holds a degree in spatial planning from the University of Dortmund and the University of Dohuk. Saddiq has been working with NGOs as a painter and is now employed by the Shingal education directorate. His art work tells the world what happened to Yazidis as victims of the ISIS genocide in 2014.