Technique: Oil and acrylic on canvas

About Qasim Alsharqy

Qasim Alsharqy

Qasim Alsharqy was born in 1990 in Shingal, Iraq. In 2011 he settled in Germany. Qasim started drawing already at primary school about the beauty of life. After the American invasion of Iraq in 2003 his themes changed to drawing tragedies. To escape the oppression, he suffered as a member of the Yazidi minority community, he decided to migrate to Germany a country which he regarded as more human and where art was valued more. There he produced paintings with themes relating to freedom and human rights, and the tragedies which Yazidis currently experience. His paintings are about women who cannot feel love, enjoy freedom and a beautiful life and are also about the innocence of children whose dreams he believes he knows.

The sun plays a central role in his paintings primarily because it is a sacred symbol of

the Yazidi religion and because he believes that everyone needs the sun and light. He draws at night, but the darkness does not deter him because he knows that the sun shines through his paintings. Qasim believes it is his honourable role to fight terrorism with his brush which is stronger than the weapons of the enemies of humanity. With his art, Qasim wants to bring back smiles to the saddened faces of his people who have lost so many innocent loved ones. 

For Qasim, painting is the only way to express his love for this world and to be happy. He says: ‘My dream is the dream of people who cannot or are not allowed to dream, but through my art I feel my dream will come true. I want to change the darkness to sunshine through my artworks’. In recent years he has had several exhibitions in Europe.