Technique: sculpturing, oil on canvas and acrylic

About Ninos Thabet

Ninos was born in 1998 in Qaraqosh, in the Nineveh Plains of Iraq. He graduated from the College of Fine Arts, University of Mosul in 2020 where he received an award from his teachers for his creativity. When ISIS attacked the Nineveh Plains in the summer of 2014, Ninos and his family, among hundreds of thousands other Assyrians fled for the unknown. Having seen how ISIS started demolishing the Assyrian historical artefacts in museums and historical sites such as Nimrud, Ninos, then aged 16, started to sculpture his own versions of the demolished works and he also organised art workshops for other displaced children. 

International news outlets carried reports about his ‘cultural activism’ when internally displaced himself. After the liberation from ISIS, Ninos became involved in the rebuilding process and developed several art projects in collaboration with NGOs. Included in his creative output were happy educative murals intended to bring upliftment to the destroyed area people had to go back to. Ninos’ dream is to see a future Iraq that is prosperous and without sectarianism.