Technique: Performance art, acrylic and oil canvas, mixed material.

About Nadia Bashar

Nadia Elias Bashar  is a Yazidi artist born in Iraq, the oldest of eight siblings. At the age of eight her parents fled to Syria because of the war between Iraq and Kuwait (1990). After 13 years, the family returned to Iraq in 2003. Nadia married at the age of 18 but she did not think she could pursue her love for art. On 3 August 2014 ISIS attacked Sinjar and they managed to flee in time, this time towards north Iraq, governed by the KRG. She lived in camps and began to express herself through art. In 2017 she decided to 

flee the country and find her way to a European country, together with her two daughters.  After a long and challenging travel including various stays in Turkey and Greece, she settled in France in 2020.

Nadia’s art is about the suffering of the Yazidis at the hands of ISIS and more specifically the suffering of women. In addition to her drawings and paintings, she challenges the viewer with performance art.