Technique: oil and acrylic on canvas.

Ismael Noah_082946-2
Artboard 76-80

About Ismail Noah

Ismail started drawing at the age of 15 years using pencil and watercolour but could not continue due to a lack of materials. After ISIS attacked the Yazidis on 3 August 2014, he fled to Greece in 2016 where he lived for a year and a half in a refugee camp where volunteers offered him their support in his efforts to express himself through art. This is when his dreams became reality.

Most of Ismail’s paintings contain themes from his own life: the life of Yazidis and of refugees. He says: ‘I see art as an instrument to defend myself and refugees and to send a message of peace through these works.’ After he settled in France he started an MA in International Finance. Ismail has exhibited his work in several exhibitions in Europe.